What we Do?

The Super Stars can help make you or your business shine... and make you a Super Star!


If you need some entertainment for your next event... or the help of friendly faces to promote your business or next event... look no further... we can help!


We will get the party started with family friendly music to create a fun filled atmosphere for your audience.  Need music for your next event... well we can certainly offer you our services.   No matter the occasion we will create a special playlist that will keep things festive and get everybody dancing to the beat.


We utilize our special relationships to bring great prizes to each of our events.  The Super Stars are known for having cool prizes... Tickets to Special events in the area, T-shirts, Sunglasses, Movie Posters and more.  This makes events more exciting and offers us a chance to help promote great businesses and events in the Greater New Orleans area. We can help you promote your business by giving away promotional items  with your brand on it as prizes at many of our  great events.


We are all big kids at heart so we like to mix in fun games in addition to the dancing.  What game would be complete with out prizes... so we of course will have prizes to get the crowd excited and engaged. We will plan games based on your audience to ensure everyone has fun and gets to participate in the fun for a chance to win a prize.


We can promote your business or event while we are out and about... or while we are taking part in other events in the area.  If you need a street team of friendly faces to help get the word out about your business... well look no further. We will take your fliers and get them out across the Greater New Orleans area to businesses that your target audience will likely to visit. We can also hand out your items while we are at other events or in some cases setup a booth/table at one of our events so that people can learn more about your business or upcoming event. Ask us how you can be included in our 2015 goodie bags.